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Sexuality in Schools (Growth & Development)
In this tutorial we explored various questions like, "What do i need to consider when teaching about puberty?" We discussed things like: #Making sure students feel 'normal', even though timing may be different. #Reassuring and explaining that changes will ahppen to everyone and are essential for adulthood. #Reinforcing that they will adjust and will be able to cope. # Explore the facts with the students so they can disregard any misinformation. # Be comprehensive. # Highlight there will be not just physical changes but social and emotional changes and affects also. # Make students feel comfortable.


Warm-Up Games
I found this tutorial on warm-up games fun, useful and informative. We played such games as Bullrush, Crocodile, Rob the Nest and chain tips. We learnt how warm-up games should keep everyone participating at all times. The games were not only fun but it was highlighted how students will use critical thinking, strategy, team-work, communication, and decision-making skills whilst playing. Literacy and numeracy skills can also be incorporated. (For example, in Rob the Nest, you had to keep track of how many different balls of different shapes you needed and constantly had to keep re-counting to check it.) And the sign to look for if the kids are warmed up - sweating!